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About The Language / Design Proficiency Test

We expect all our creators to be above a certain threshold when it comes to their command over the language and for graphic designers' command over design aesthetics. Hence have designed an appropriate language proficiency test for Content writers and a design proficiency test for Graphic Designers to help map out key skills we look for.

The test contains a few Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that can be done very quickly and should not take you more than 7 minutes. Once you submit, the platform will instantly let you know your score and whether you made it through or not!

Post a successful attempt, you will be prompted to move to the next steps!

What if I am unable to score above the benchmark needed?

In the event that your first attempt at the language proficiency test does not naturally meet our standards for this program, we allow for a re-try. We highly recommend that you brush up on all your concepts and take this test in a few days.

Watch out, though! If you aren't able to clear the test on the second attempt, too, we will have no choice but to wait for another 6 months before giving you another shot. So, please be careful, because we wouldn’t want to miss out on a star player!

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