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Managing Your Profile

In this article, you will get to understand what all you can do with your Pepper Creator profile on the platform.

    • How do I change my Email ID?
    • How do I close my account?
    • Personal Information
    • Professional Information
    • How do I change password?
    • Can I get my genre/vertical changed?
    • Why is my account disabled?

How do I change my email ID?

You can change your email ID on the platform by editing it in the contact information and saving it for future purposes. We highly recommend you sign up on the platform using the new email ID. This helps us safeguard information and is an important security practice.

How do I close my account?

For creators who are in their application journey

You can easily delete your account by clicking on the Profile option on the top right and selecting Delete Account. 

Please note that once you delete your account, we do not save any information. So if you sign up again, you will have to start your application from the start and provide all the information again.

For creators who are onboarded and working

We haven't allowed the onboarded creators to delete their account as it contains data that may be lost in the process. If you want to stop receiving work (assignments) from Pepper, please drop an email stating the same to

Personal Information

We ask and store your personal information like your phone number for sending you work-related notifications on WhatsApp and establishing communication in cases of any emergency.

We also ask for information about where you stay so we can have information about the demographics of our creator pool. We recommend adding social media profile links if you can so that we can send you updates through our social platforms. You can update the information in your profile segment at your convenience.

Professional Information

This segment helps you maintain and update details that directly impact the nature of work that you get via the platform. This segment also contains details about your availability and your preference on when you want to receive work.

Please note that any change to data in this segment affects how our recommender system assigns you projects. So make sure this data is up to date and is indicative of your choices.

How Do I Change My Password?

You can change your password by visiting the 'Security Details' segment in Profile Settings. We recommend having a strong password and not sharing it with anyone to prevent misuse of the platform. If you think you are facing any security threats, please reach out to and we will get back at the earliest.

Can I get my genre/vertical changed?

Yes, the platform enables its creators to change and explore new genres/verticals. To do the same, one needs to apply by giving particular copy tests that gauge a creators' expertise in the relevant industry and content type. You can make these changes by going into the 'Professional Information' tab in the profile.

Why is my account disabled?

One's account can be disabled if there is an internal decision of not being able to continue giving someone work because of a mismatch in work and quality expectations. We make sure we give a clear reason for disabling the account and if one thinks that this is a mistake, they can reach out to the platform at

Other instances why this may occur are also due to multiple wrong password guesses and the account getting disabled due to security risks. In any such case, please reach out to at the earliest.

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