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A creator’s guide to Performance Board

Let's face it: Our Creators have had a significant influence on what Pepper has accomplished, and as we expand our horizons, your role continues to get even more pivotal.

Your determination to produce quality content that meets customers’ expectations is commendable.

We feel the need of extending our voices and telling you, the creators, that we see your hard work and would like to celebrate every milestone you cross.

In this article, I'll explain why Pepper believes that creators are the backbone of our fast-moving rocket ship and how we’ll strive even harder to show our appreciation for, acknowledge, and ensure creators feel recognized.

Introducing, Performance Board, our first step towards making creators feel seen, heard, motivated, and appreciated.

Performance Board

1: On-time Assignment Submission

When a creator timely submits the first draft of an assignment, without delay. (Re-worked submissions are not considered under this criteria.)

You will earn the first badge for on-time submission, Early Express, only when you submit 3 assignments (subject to vary across various categories) on time. Once you accomplish that, the Early Express badge gets added to your badge shelf. You may also obtain 4 additional of these badges by completing tasks on time. At each new level, though, there are more assignments that you must turn in on time in order to earn newer badges.

2: Customer Approval

When a creator submits an assignment and receives approval from the customer.

To earn the first badge for this criteria, Driven Doer, you have to submit and get 5 assignments(subject to change across different categories) approved by the customer. To earn more badges, keep submitting the assignments and level up. For each level, the number of assignments to be approved will increase.

3: Submissions Approved at one go. No reworks.

When a creator submits the assignment and gets customer approval without rework.

Want to earn the badge Quality Quillmancer? Get 2 assignments (subject to change across different categories) approved at first go, without any rework. You can unlock more such exciting badges. For each badge, there are a certain number of assignments you need to get approved at the first submission post which you’ll earn the badge.

The badges earned will be added to your badge shelf. Create a repository of badges and unlock exciting benefits.

There are five badge levels for each criterion: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5.

Cross all 5 levels for each and see 15 badges resting on your badge shelf. 

Let the world know about your achievements. Share the badge you receive on your social media platforms and let others see your hard work and talent.

Earn badges, reap their benefits

Want to attract more customers with your alluring achievements?

Want to get recommended to customers all the more?

Earn 3 badges of each of the 3 criteria mentioned above and enjoys the benefits. More opportunities will knock at your door as you earn more badges.

There are more exciting benefits ahead in your journey! Keep working hard. We notice every effort that you put in and adorn you with badges, rewards, and exciting benefits.

However, as we notice the good and celebrate every well-put assignment, we can’t turn a blind eye to the assignments that weren’t up to the mark.

As a result, any lapse in quality is met with a consequent action.

These are as follows-

  1. Issued a strong warning.

    A warning is issued to the creator. Warning indicates subpar work. We highly encourage you to take the warning with all seriousness.  More such warnings lead to severe actions which might lead to your disassociation with Pepper Content.

  2. Remove the writer from this client's projects
    The creator is removed from the project. No other assignments of that particular client are assigned to the creator.

  3. Creator profile deactivated for a limited duration
    The creator is removed from the project they are currently working on. Additionally, they are not permitted to work on any other assignments, not even those they have already started or have claimed. The creator will be unable to accept any new tasks but will be able to check payments and other tabs. This is done to give the Pepper Team some time to fairly assess the creator's credibility, take corrective action, and, if everything goes well, reactivate the user profile.

  4. Creator profile deactivated indefinitely

    The creator is removed from the project they are currently working on and their profile is deactivated indefinitely. This step is taken based on Pepper Team’s evaluation. For any further clarifications, doubts, or queries please write to

As a creator, we hope that you will be cognizant of these newly implied requirements. When there are minor problems with tonality, SEO, writing style, etc., we simply issue a warning. However, if there is a persistent lapse in quality, we take swift action. Be rest assured none of these will apply to you if you remain committed and mindful of the standards set by Pepper, in order to provide only A-1 content to our customers.

We value the impact you make and are happy to have you on board. We sincerely hope you like earning and displaying these badges. On a more serious note, badges support your pursuit for more trust among users of the platform and with clients.

Please write to us at in case of any queries or doubts. We’ll be happy to assist you.

P.S: Submissions made post 06:25 pm IST on August 8, 2022 will only be considered. 

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