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Automatic Content Audits for Pepper Writers and Editors

Content Audit is rolled out to all content writing projects few weeks back. Do write to if you face any problems.

We take pride in being able to deliver the highest quality of content through our excellent creator network. However, mistakes happen at times due to a variety of reasons which force re-works, non-optimal reviews, and a whole lot more time spent delivering content.

Watch it in action

We have recently launched a Content Audit Report on Pepper's platform as a handy tool in your belt that can highlight potential gaps in the quality of the content you create. 

How does this help me?

Content writing & editing is a lot of fun but can get tedious over time. You need to constantly worry about search algorithms finding similarities in the content you create, typos are almost unavoidable, and different content types & customers need different treatments. other

The Content Audit will

  • let you uncover common mistakes that got missed
  • save you multiple reworks for common problems
  • improve your feedback scores
  • and most importantly, give you the confidence to submit great content for review.

What does it measure today?

Content Audit today can capture four parameters from all submissions made:

  1. Content Originality (compared to all content on the web)
  2. Grammar correctness and clarity
  3. Readability of the content
  4. Written word count compared to the commissioned count

We use industry-leading algorithms and tools to deliver these metrics.

How can I use this?

Content Audit can help you create content with confidence. It alerts you about everyday problems in your content that would have otherwise gotten flagged at the editorial level.

We audit your content twice every submission, after which we rely on you to make sure the content is good enough to be sent for editing & then to the clients.

Something seems wrong here.

Found an issue with the automatic content audit? This is possible as AI still cannot catch all the errors, making mistakes at times. You can continue with the submission if you're confident about the content you're submitting. 

Have questions about automatic content audits?

Please reach out to us through the support widget OR at for any queries about the content audit. Do mention "Content Audit Issue" in the subject line, and we'll make sure to make it better over time.

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