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Make collaboration simple with Pepper Chat

At Pepper Content, we’re committed to supercharging your life as a content creator. But, content creation isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

It involves constant collaboration and communication between different stakeholders of the project. One error in communication derails the entire project leading to non-stop reworks. Unclear objectives, poor planning, and lack of visibility hamper the quality of content and question your potential as a creator.

So, what’s the way out?

Seamless collaboration and explicit communication.

Clear collaboration is the cornerstone of content creation. True coordination requires an end-to-end solution where all the project stakeholders - customers, team members of the customer, creators, and editors across assignments enjoy a chat space to communicate seamlessly, coordinate work, and clear out any points of concern.

Building a platform where you can create content easily lies at the core of everything we do. With that mission in mind, let me introduce our very own **drumroll** Pepper Chat.

Using Pepper Chat, you can -

  • Clarify your doubts
  • Know where your work fit in
  • Follow up with the customer
  • Align on shared goals
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration.

Let’s dwell deeper into it.

How to use Pepper Chat

On the left of the Pepper Dashboard, you’ll see a new tab - Chat.

As soon as you’re assigned an assignment, you get added to the chat space of the project the assignment is a part of.

Each project has a separate chat space comprising customers, fellow creators, and editors involved in that particular project. On the top right, find the list of members and their designation. 

View the total number of assignments under the project along with the status of each.

The chat stays even after the project has been concluded. Also, if the creator passes or gets changes, s/he is removed from the chat, and new ones are added. The old chat is visible to the new creators.

Collaboration Guidelines

We understand the importance of collaboration and crisp communication to make your project a success. We’ve enabled this feature for you however, they come with a set of guidelines which are as follows -

  • Please do not make any submission docs or links of submissions on the chat interface.
  • Please make sure you do not make any changes to the assignments till you get a proper rework request.'
  • If the customer asks for any revision on the chat, politely decline, saying they have to mark it as a rework on the platform. This is critical because our content workflow regarding editorial review will not be actioned upon.
  • Please do not communicate any pay or payment-related discussions, clarifications, increment requests, and queries on the chat with ANY other stakeholder
  • Our system detects any phone number, email, and monetary transaction-related messages on the chat, which is a major violation of our Freelance Contractual Agreement and conflicts with our agreed-upon terms of engagement. If any violation is detected, we will proceed to terminate our engagement indefinitely.
  • Kindly do not accept any new assignment requests through our chat, as there will be no formal record. No payment will be registered for work accepted through chat. Also, if there are instances of disintermediation and any violation, we will proceed to terminate our engagement indefinitely.
  • Please do not accept any google meet link or Zoom link with the customer on the chat, till it is aligned with your Pepper Representative or is sent directly to you from your Pepper Representative.
  • Disagreements should be resolved peacefully, without profanity.
  • The Chat is visible to customers as well. Any conflict between creators and editors shouldn't invite unfair means and hostile words.

Pepper Content is committed to bettering your journey as a content creator. We know how important it is to be on the same page as the customer. With Pepper Chat, we hope you create content with a clear mind, free of doubts and confusion.

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