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Editors can report ill-fitted creators

Pepper Content is known for its premium-quality content that meets the highest industry standards.

Editors at Pepper Content serve as a quality-check layer to ensure that the content we create and send out is per the quality expectations of our customers, always. Editors have the responsibility of phasing out any mistakes or inconsistencies in this process.

So, we’ve incorporated a mechanism by which editors can report creators who aren’t at par with the standard set by Pepper.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Send the content for rework

On the Pepper dashboard, hit the ‘Rework’ button.

In the pop-up that opens up, give feedback on what needs to be reworked on.

Step 2: Select the factors

The editor will select the factors (tags) in which the writer performed poorly.

The tags to be selected for reporting subpar writing are arranged in two stages:

First stage

Select one or more of the major quality categories

  1. Quality of content (Substance)
  2. Quality of writing (Language and grammar)
  3. Brief adherence (Instructions and feedback)
  4. Initiative (Receptivity to instructions and feedback)

Second stage

Select the applicable tags relating to each of the checked quality factors.

  • What lies in the scope of Quality of Content -

Inadequate research/insights, Incorrect client/product knowledge, Originality, Factual inaccuracies

  • What lies in the scope of Quality of Writing -

Poor grammar, Poor phrasing and syntax, Incorrect tonality, Incorrect flow and structure

  • What lies in the scope of Brief Adherence -

Poor SEO Optimization, Brief instructions ignored, Incorrect structure/outline, Wrong content form, Feedback ignored, Incorrect word count

  • What lies in the scope of Initiative - The initiative is essentially how motivated the creator is.


Step 3: Provide a detailed explanation

The editors are expected to write a detailed note explaining the reasons for reporting a creator and should validate their decision to report a writer with examples, and/or screenshots.

Say for instance, if you think the content is plagiarised, provide links to the original source. Or, if the brief specifically mentioned to avoid a few phrases, attach screenshots of the content mentioning those words.

The tags and the detailed report are going to be the basis for taking any action against the creator.

Step 4: Report the creator

To report, the editor can choose any of the options below as per the severity of the issue-

  1. Removing the writer from the existing project
  2. Issuing a warning to the writer
  3. Recommend dismissing the writer

Step 5: New creator gets allotted

The assignment gets allotted to a new creator.

The writer reporting system is a powerful and effective tool for maintaining a skilled and committed pool of writers on the Pepper Content platform. Since the reports generated through this tool lead to definitive actions on individual writers, it is important to use this tool correctly.

P.S: If you don’t want to report the creator and just send the content for rework, simply select the areas that need to be reworked and hit confirm, without checking the “Report this creator” checkbox.

Currently, this is live only for writers.

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