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More Clarity on Rework Projects for Creators

manyWe noticed that a lot of you, as our creators were not available for rework requested by our reviewers of the end customer. Some of you were even comfortable passing the assignment after the rework stage as time or depth was required to address the rework criteria.

However, to respect the timeline expectation with the customer, we wanted to realize such a scenario as early as possible and re-assign the work to the following suitable creator.

From now on, the rework assignment will be sent to Creators as a Rework Request that all the creators will need to acknowledge by pressing the ✔Accept button on the platform before the six working hour auto redaction period.

 In case you would like to pass the assignment, click Have an issue? and confirm

You will be able to see the rework reasons and any possible brief update before accepting the rework.

Whatsapp Notifications - We make sure you stay updated with all rework requests by sending you a WhatsApp notification.

NOTE: If a rework request assignment is passed or redacted, you would not be paid for the previous submissions you would have made for that particular assignment.

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