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Get yourself a competitive edge on Pepper with your upgraded profile

Upgrade your Pepper profile before 20th November

In our mission to bring transparency between our creators and customers, we have come up with a new update on Pepper's platform. From now on, customers will be able to see a thorough profile.

Why should you update your Pepper Creator profile NOW?

Your Pepper profile is no more hidden from the customer. 

An updated profile will help you get a couple of things right on Pepper's platform:

  • Your customer will recognize you
  • Get the most relevant projects in your kitty
  • Boost your brand

Let's how to optimize your profile on Pepper in 5 minutes

Let's get the essential elements of your profile updated to get you ranked higher than others.

  1. First things first, add a precise and professional headshot picture of yours. You can get creative with some exciting caricature images of yours.
  2. Head to "Basic Information" under Personal details and update the following fields to ensure your profile stands out with customers.
  • Add a Display name that will be visible to customers
  • Add an enticing headline to your profile
  • Support it with a powerful description that will add more credibility and authenticity to your professional experience

3. The next stop is "Professional Background," and the most important one. Add your genuine work experience, credentials, and certifications. This will give that extra edge and credibility to your profile.

NOTE: Your profile will be visible to customers so ensure your profile is polished and very professional! Click on "Preview Profile" to see how your information will be presented to customers.

Spare five more minutes and ensure to check the banking details and preferences as well.

  • Update your Industry and Content genre preferences under the "Preferences" tab
  • Have a look at your bank details under "Banking details". We have automated our payment systems and having incorrect account information can hamper your payouts.

Insider Information to better Creator profile

With each passing day, Pepper's platform is embracing advanced technological models of Machine learning to make the project assigning processes smooth and more relevant for our creators as well as customers. Your updated profiles will help our Creator recommendation system learn faster and allot better projects.

Below are some tips and examples you can take inspiration from:

For Headline of your profile: Mention your role with years of experience in the industry. 
Few Examples:
  • Technical content writer with over 6 years of experience 
  • Email Copywriter for SaaS Companies and Course Creators
  • Analytical, deadline-oriented, result-focused content creator with 9 years' experience
  • Dynamic Content Writer with expertise in writing a broad range of content
  • Subject Matter Expert in blog writing for various industries
  • Senior content writer with 10 plus years of experience in the industry

PS: Word limit for Headline is 100.

For Description of your profile: Define your experience in detail. Highlight your professional expertise and skills in content making. Describe what role you have played in the industry so far and mention professional qualities that are unique about you
Few Examples:
  • Technical content writer with a background in writing for various industries ranging from healthcare to fintech for over 7 years. Expert in decoding the requirements faster, and personalizing the content based on the objectives. I excel in creating content strategies for various brands
  • A versatile content writer, I create quality content with on-time deliveries. With 3 years of professional background working with customers across the globe, I gained experience and knowledge in customizing and creating content for different needs including engaging articles, blogs, product descriptions, E-commerce content, social media content, etc.
  • Senior content strategist and creator with experience spanning over 15 years and 30+ industries. Exceptional outlining, writing, and editing expertise with the ability to produce, proofread, analyze and edit content, and develop quality material.

PS: Word limit for Description is 1000.

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