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Accessibility Improvements to Content Draft Docs

Sometimes you might be facing accessibility issues while opening Content draft documents. As much as we want to make the creation process hassle-free for you by bringing a custom-tailored experience, we also want to follow best practices for data privacy and copy-right policies.

Thus, we have recently released a product update where the docs will now open in a native link with the action buttons on the top of the document itself. 

NOTE: This would be applicable only for chrome users, the remaining people will have the docs by default.

In case you are unable to access the Content Draft document, the assignment is not in the creation stage anymore. After you submit the assignment, the assignment goes for an expert review before the final submission to the customer. During this phase, we remove your access and give it back when a rework request is made.

Check out the Rework Request process's latest update here.

Warning ⚠️ : In case you come across the blank brown screen, this means that you are not logged in to the google account that you have signed up with Pepper.

Solution? : Open a new tab, open your email app and log into the email you have with Pepper Content. Once logged in successfully, come back to the link and refresh.

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