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Understanding the Content Audit System

Content Audit is a proprietary AI-driven content checking tool developed by Pepper Content that provides suggestions on changes that can improve the written content. The report generated on the basis of the Content Audit is called the “Content Audit Report.”

The system is designed to evaluate a content piece for Plagiarism, Grammar, and Readability. 

Typically, the content piece that we deliver should be free from plagiarism (unless the terms caught by the tool are technical terms that cannot be paraphrased) and grammatical errors. However, the readability score is context-dependent. It is based on the target audience and the competency of the readership and is subjective. While it is good practice to improve the readability of the content, i.e., increase the simplicity of the content and improve sentence structure, currently, there is no specific benchmark for the readability score. We trust that our editors can gauge the readability of content pieces and determine their submission-readiness on a case-by-case basis.

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