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Payment process for GST registered Vendors

Why should you read this list of FAQs ?

If you are a GST registered content creator / editor working or aspiring to work with Pepper Content, this list of FAQs applies to you.

What details are required by Pepper Content on registration ?

If you are a GST registered content creator / editor, you need to provide Pepper Content with your GST registration number at the time of registration with Pepper Content.

How will you be paid for the content pieces that you create for Pepper Content ?

Lets answer this question, taking an example:

Say in the month of April 24, you are to be paid INR 10,000 for your services which will be INR 11,800 incl of GST (INR 10,000 + 1,800 GST @ 18%)

In the April 24 payout cycle, we will release INR 9,900 after withholding TDS @ 1% (as per law - 1% for individuals & 2% for companies) & GST of INR 1,800.

Pepper Content will duly deposit this withheld TDS to your credit with the Income Tax Department.  You may refer to Form 26AS available on Income Tax Website to track this withheld TDS.

When will this withheld GST be paid to your account ?

First and foremost, you will have to provide us with a “Tax Invoice” for the work done / payment received by you.

Secondly, you must file GST Return 1 (GSTR 1) where you will file this “Tax Invoice” in our account on the GST Portal by 10th of filing month (as per GST law)

Post the above, the withheld GST (of INR 1,800 - from the example) will be released to you once we get confirmation that it has been filed & paid by you rightly in Pepper Content’s account on the GST portal.

How will you provide this confirmation ?

We will verify our GSTR 2B report as available on the GST portal. This credit will be reflected in subsequent month as per GST laws.

Additionally, we also urge you to provide us with the screenshot (see below for reference) of GSTR 1 records for faster processing for your GST claim.

What are prerequisite that you need to fulfil to get the withheld GST payout ?

You will be paid the withheld when following prerequisite are fulfilled:

  1. Valid & Active GST registration details that you will share with Pepper Content

  2. Tax invoice is received from the you

  3. You file & pay for GST in Pepper’s account on GST portal

What is the timeline for payout of this withheld GST ?

We shall pay this withheld GST to you by 20th of the month in which we get the confirmation that you have duly filed & paid GST in our account on the GST portal.

Why do we have this process ?

The onus to rightfully comply with the applicable GST law of our country lies with you as much as with Pepper Content. Hence, this process will enable both of us to be compliant with these GST laws.

If you fail to pay GST in our account on the GST portal that is released to you by Pepper Content, then it will be non-compliant with the GST laws and will be default at your end. This is will entail levy of interest and penalty from the GST department

Whom should you contact at Pepper Content if you have any queries ?

You can reach out to with any queries.

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