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What's the frequency of work?

We are going to keep sharing relevant and exciting opportunities for you to work on based on your industry and content-type interests. We don't commit to a minimum guarantee for work. But we have seen that higher quality content and fast engagement and reverts from creators have led to increased opportunities and earnings from freelancers.

What is the payment cycle that is followed?

We follow a 45-day payment cycle here at Pepper, where the payment gets deposited in your bank account directly at specific dates across the year as mentioned in the contract. Sometimes, it may happen that a content piece may get stuck for approval and may get shifted to the next payment cycle. We understand this may be a long time for you to get your payments but rest assured that you will definitely get the stuck amounts if it is approved by the customer. If, for particular reasons, your work gets rejected; we make sure that there is detailed feedback that we share with you on what grounds we have rejected your work.


Would I have to bid for projects as we do on other freelancing platforms?

Unlike any other freelancing platform, Pepper Content believes in a meritocratic system, and you never have to bid for projects on Pepper. Once you are inside the platform, we make sure that we are sharing all the relevant opportunities that we can, based on your interests on the platform. However, keep an eye on the Opportunity Board. 

Would Pepper charge me for giving work, or would it take a commission of our earnings?

No, we do not charge any commissions from your share of earnings and don't charge you for any projects and opportunities that we share with you. We believe that as a creator, you should be spending as much time creating while we take care of all the other things.

Is there any duration for which the writer will be bounded to work for Pepper?

The creators are not bounded to work with Pepper indefinitely. The content creator agreement is valid till the creator and Pepper Content agree to cease working with each other. If either of the two parties chooses to discontinue, the association would come to an end immediately, and will be notified via email.


Can we work with clients other than Pepper?

Yes, you can work with other customers of your own alongside Pepper Content. Please ensure that you are not sharing any work done by you for Pepper Content and our customers with anyone, as you are legally bound not to share any confidential IP or data from our platform with any other customer.

Can I share the work I do for Pepper Content as samples with other prospective customers or to anyone else?

No, you cannot share any work you do for Pepper Content as samples with any other customer of yours or to anyone for

that matter. All the work you do once submitted to the customer becomes the IP of the customer and hence as per legal terms in the contract we sign, we make sure that all this work is confidential and bound by IPs.

What are the deadlines for the assignments?

The deadline for an assignment depends on the topic of the content, the industry, the content type, and the depth of research for each content piece. Each assignment will have its own unique and customized brief along with a deadline. The deadline is chosen only after analyzing previous data for similar projects.

Can I choose not to work on specific days or times?

Yes, you get the option to choose the exact days and times when you'd want to receive work from us on our platform. Our platform processes your availability before it decides to allot relevant projects to you.

Can I reject any work that | get from Pepper? Will there be any future repercussions because of it?

Yes, you do get the option to reject a particular assignment on the platform directly, although we wouldn't want you to do it repeatedly. Each writer's performance is tracked on the basis of their quality and responsiveness, and so, by rejecting multiple work opportunities, you risk losing priority over other writers and, in the worst-case, removal from our creator pool.

Will get an acknowledgment when my work is approved?

Yes, you'll get to know the status of all the work that you do for us on the platform. We make sure you know the status of each and every assignment that gets approved for you.

Can I join as both writer and editor at the same time? [work as multi-creator basically]

Unfortunately, at the current moment, you can work only in one of the segments at Pepper. But we hope to incorporate

this feature will be on our platform very soon.

How does the appraisal system for freelancer work here?

The quality and responsiveness of a creator are our key priority metrics. A writer may raise a query for an appraisal after a period of 6 months post their association with us and we can accordingly let you know based on your previous performance. The minimum time to raise another appraisal in the price for different content types is 6 months.

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