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Never fall short of Assignments and Opportunities

See a list of Assignments that match your interests regularly and choose which ones to work on.

How many times have you wondered “why am I not getting assignments” or “this assignment doesn’t match my area of interest”?

Well, you won't anymore!

How so?

Let us introduce to you the Opportunity Board.

No more waiting around. Opportunity Board shows you all the assignments that suit your area of interest. It has been specifically designed to cater to this problem that creators and editors face of not getting assignments.

What change have we brought about?

When you open your Pepper Dashboard, you’ll see a new section in the left sidebar - Opportunity Board.

  1. Open the Opportunities section.
  2. You’ll see many assignments that await you.
  3. You can pick and choose each and every assignment you want to work on.

What will each assignment card look like?

It’ll list the following details about the assignment -

  1. Title of the Topic
  2. Content-type
  3. Word count
  4. The amount for the assignment
  5. Industry
  6. Name of the Customer
  7. Due Date
  8. Number of creators/editors viewing the assignment ( explained later)
  9. The deadline to accept the assignment

You'll also see the customers who have favorited you and the assignment's that'll exclusively be shown to you. 

What will your next step be?

  1. Click on any Assignment
  2. View the Assignment Brief as well as the Client Information
  3. Pass or Claim the Assignment

What happens when you Claim the Assignment?

  1. A Pop-up appears on the screen asking for your confirmation.
  2. Once confirmed, the Assignment belongs to you and you take ownership to work on that Assignment. It gets added to the Assignments Page.

What happens when you Pass the Assignment?

  1. When you choose to pass the Assignment, a pop-up appears on the screen.
  2. State the reason that discourages you from working on that Assignment.
  3. Once you Pass the Assignment, we won’t show it to you again.

NOTE: We highly recommend you give us feedback on why aren’t you taking up that Assignment. It helps our AI become smarter and shows you only those Assignments in the future that are relevant. Help us create more opportunities for you.

Pick and choose the assignments that excite you

Instead of viewing one assignment, with Opportunity Board, you’ll get a chance to view all the assignments that match your work preference, expertise, or past works. These will be shown in the New Opportunities section on your Pepper Dashboard.

However, your New Requests section will still be active as it was earlier. A few special assignments will be exclusively visible to you only. It would be best if you progressed as you would earlier. You’ll be able to view it in the New Opportunities section as well. Such projects will be marked Exclusive i.e, will be shown to you only. 

Multiple creators/editors view the same assignment

All assignments except exclusive ones will be simultaneously shown to others as well, whose profiles match the Assignment requirements. This means that many creators/editors will be competing for the same Assignment. The faster you claim it, the higher the probability of the Assignment being yours. Therefore, we suggest you Claim the Assignment asap.

What happens when you neither Pass nor Claim the Assignment?

If you are inactive on the platform or got late in claiming assignments, we assign it to those creators/editors who claimed it first. You will see all the Missed Opportunities in the section below.

The Missed Opportunities will be shown in a manner similar to new opportunities. Beside every missed opportunity, we ask you if the assignment is still relevant to you. We suggest you answer this question as it helps us understand your preferences. Sometimes, you might get an opportunity to work on that Assignment or an assignment similar to that.

Be rest assured, that even if you miss a few opportunities, the Opportunity Board will not leave you high and dry. You will be shown plenty of assignments regularly. We suggest you be active and grab the opportunity well within the timeframe. With the Opportunity Board, you will never fall short of opportunities.

We want to hear how excited you are about this board full of opportunities. Leave us your feedback at We’re waiting to hear what you have to say.

As we say, we’re boosting the freelance economy and this is a big step towards it. We have a lot more features and tools coming up for you.

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