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Assignment Statuses

Status Name
What it means
New Request
Assignment is at request stage and you have a timer to acknowledge (accept or pass) the assignment
PassedAssignment requests that you received and were turned down by you because of any reason
RedactedAssignment requests that were sent to you but you did not acknowledged within the 6 working hour window
OngoingAssignments requests accepted by you that are currently due submission.
CompletedAssignment submitted by you but are still under review by Pepper's team or the customer.
Rework RequestAssignments that you have submitted previously but requires some revisions to be made based on the feedback and instruction given.
ReworkRework requests acknowledged by you that are currently due submission
ApprovedAssignments submitted by you that are approved by the customer.
RejectedAssignment submitted by you that got rejected eventually by the customer or Pepper's reviewers with the comments and reasons mentioned.
On HoldOngoing or completed assignments that require clarification from the customer before you make the final submission.

*Working hour means 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time.

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