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Earnings Dashboard: Effortlessly Track Your Income

Hey Pepper Creators!

Welcome to our help article on the Earnings Dashboard, where we guide you through the seamless process of tracking your income. We have developed a powerful and intuitive dashboard, designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your assignments, earnings history, payment receipts,  sources, trends, and so much more — all in one convenient location.

We want you to have all the details about your payments right at your fingertips. No more guesswork or uncertainty! 

Let's learn more about it in detail.

Earnings Dashboard

The Earnings Dashboard now includes clickable Payment stats, an Earnings History tab, and a Payment Receipts tab.

Main Stats

You can now click a stat to view relevant assignments under that bucket. For example: Clicking 'Payment in April' will show you assignments that are due to be paid out in the month of April. Please note that clicking on the 'Active Assignments' will redirect you to the Assignments Page with a filtered view of assignments that are yet to be approved for payment by the client. 

There are five key stats to keep track of:

Active AssignmentsAll assignments that are yet to be approved for payment by the client.
Payment in Current MonthAll assignments approved between the 1st and the last date of the previous month, scheduled for payment on the 15th of the current month.
Payment in Upcoming MonthAssignments approved between the 1st and the last date of the current month, scheduled for payment on the 15th of the next month.
On-HoldPayments that have been put on hold due to quality or client issues. These are expected to be resolved within the next 30-60 days.
Total PaidAll payments that have been successfully paid out to your bank account.

Earnings History

By default, the Earnings History Tab will consist of all payment-approved assignments. 

The tab includes the following columns:

Assignment ID
The 5-digit assignment code
Assignment Name
The name of the assignment or topic for which you're supposed to be paid
Payment Amount
The amount for the specific assignment
Payment Date
The date on which you'll be paid for the assignment
Payment StatusThe different payment statuses like "paid", and "on hold", etc as explained above

Payment Receipts

This section breaks down all your payments. It shows your

  • Bill No
  • Payment Date
  • Assignments
  • Amount Payable
  • Status (Upcoming Payment, Payment Failed, Amount Paid)

You can click on any one receipt and view its payment summary. Payment summary lists down.

  • ID
  • Assignments
  • Service
  • Item Total
  • You also see the UTR and the date on which the payment has been made. You get the option to download the monthly receipts for all the assignments

Assignments Page

On the Assignments Page, you can now view the Payment Status corresponding to each assignment. This includes:

  • For ‘Approved’ assignments, you will be able to view the tentative payment date.
  • For ‘Paid’ assignments, you will be able to view the payment date and a link to ‘View Bill’.
  • For assignments with payment ‘On-Hold’, you will be able to view the reason for the status.
  • For assignments with 'Payment Failed', you will be able to view the reason for the status. 

Watch Walkthrough

For ease of understanding of the Earnings Dashboard, we have recorded a walkthrough video. Check it out here.

- The payment of a month happens on 15th of the subsequent month.
- We pay for those assignments that are Approved by the customer before the last date of the month.
- Since we give our customers a timeline of 2-3 weeks to approve an assignment, thus if you submit any assignment after 15th of the month, it might possible that you DO NOT get the payment in the upcoming payment cycle.


2. How to report a discrepancy in payment?

Please go through our payment documentation to learn about the process. You can view it here. If you feel this doesn’t answer your query, please reach out to and we’d be happy to assist you. 

3. How is a creator's payout calculated?

Payments to a creator are calculated depending on the content type given to you and the per-unit pay for each content type that is agreed upon by you at the time of your onboarding. You will be notified of the final payment amount and all the assignment(s) you've completed and are being paid for. You can review that and raise a ticket in case you have any billing-related issues or questions. We can be reached at for the same.

If the content type involves a per-word rate, the word count that was commissioned for the content piece multiplied by the per-word rate gives us the payment for a specific assignment.

4. How to make sure that the mentioned payment happens on time?

You need to make sure you update your payment details on the platform, which include your bank account details, account number, and PAN card details (if you are an Indian resident). We will be unable to release your payout if the details are not filled in completely. Also, please make sure you fill in the details accurately and double-check after saving your payment details on the platform.

5. Does one need to create an invoice for the payment to happen?

You don't need to create an invoice for the payment because all the project submissions are handled by the platform and processed accordingly. Also, all the details are available on the platform where you can check submissions as well as their payment statuses to reconcile.

6. Will I be paid for an article on the 15th of the next month if I submit that piece this month?

Not necessarily. As stated earlier, you will only be paid for content pieces that are approved within that month. Sometimes, clients can take up to 3 weeks to approve a certain piece and in that case, the payment gets shifted to the next payout cycle. We calculate the payment on an approval basis and not on a submission basis.

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