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Assignment Management

The Assignments Module will have a complete list of all assignments that you have received till date with the option to filter and sort based on status, vertical or search if you remember part of a topic. The assignment code is a unique identifier that you can use to refe 

Once you find the assignment you were looking for, clicking it will take you to the assignment details page where you can:

  • Understand the brief
  • Ask for Query
  • Take action (depending on the status)

? Suggestion: Always prioritize assignments with status Rework/Rework Request over others

Understanding the brief

The brief on the assignment details is divided into 3 parts generally.

The info header is the meta information you should use to refer to the assignment. The assignment and the project info will help you create the content. The difference between the two comes when one project contains multiple assignments - the project info remains the while the assignment info keeps changing.

In case of reworks, there will be another section carrying the rework instructions added to the brief.

Ask for Query is covered separately here ?

Take Action

Following are the actions that you can take on the corresponding status of the assignments

StatusPossible Actions
New Request
Accept, Pass
OngoingSubmit, Pass, Write/Edit (takes you to the doc)/Upload Submission - for designers
No Action
RedactedNo Action
No Action
Rework RequestAcknowledge, Pass
ReworkSubmit, Pass, Write/Edit (takes you to the doc)/Upload Submission - for designer
ApprovedNo Action
RejectedNo Action
On Hold
No Action

*You can 'Ask a query' or leave a comment on an assignment any time you want regardless of the status.

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