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This is your first stop: Pepper Academy

Welcome to Pepper Content. We are building an ecosystem in which content creators like you can work closely and seamlessly with the world’s top brands to create and deliver high-quality content.

Glad you’re on board with us. We can’t wait to hand you your first assignment, but before that, we request you take some time out and get to know us.

We’ve designed an onboarding course to help you get the best out of our platform. At the end of this short training program, you’ll be prepared to take up your first few assignments.

Here is a quick glimpse of this 2-hour self-led training course:

  • First, we will visualize the journey of a creator.
  • We will then look at your very own creator dashboard.
  • Next, share a few instructions for working on your first few assignments.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to communicate with the Creator Success team.

We will go through several short modules on using your personal creator dashboard, writing high-quality content with Pepper, reading and understanding a client's brief, honing the basics of content writing, and creating special forms of content. There will also be a module on leveraging Pepper's intelligent tools for writers, one on how to revise your writing after receiving feedback, and finally, finding answers to your queries and questions. You can't skip any of the modules. Only when you complete watching the previous videos will you be able to watch the next. 

The formula for success on the platform is simple – Keep writing good content, and we'll keep sending projects your way. Kindly complete this course within 7-10 days of onboarding. Here are the following steps:

  • Please go through the primer for each training module
  • Kindly take the quiz that follows the module
  • The minimum pass percentage for eligibility to receive assignments from Pepper Content is 90% for each quiz. You have 3 attempts to pass the test.

As soon as you’ve completed all the modules and answered the quiz, keep an eye out for the Opportunity Board, where you’ll start receiving new opportunities. Grab one and get started. You can revisit the course anytime.


Step 1

Check your mailbox. You must've received a mail with the subject "Invitation from Pepper Academy." Press on "Activate Account."

Step 2

Enter your display name and set a password. Check if the pre-filled email id is correct and hit register. You can start your journey with Pepper Academy.

Step 3

To revisit the course, go to Academy on the left pane of your dashboard. Enter the email id and password you'd set for the same.

Step 4

Switch to the “Dashboard” tab.

Step 5

View the course.

Writing your first assignment should not prove to be difficult. That's why we're here to help you complete it quickly, efficiently, and with good quality.

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